Release Notes for Scout 6.0

Here are the release notes for the Scout Release 6.0

TODO: a lot is still missing!

What’s New


Use the class org.eclipse.scout.rt.platform.html.HTML to build HTML content instead of concatenate the strings manually.

API Changes


  • Behavior change of Table in AbstractTableField: Do not execute AbstractTable.execContentChanged() when valueChangeTriggers flag on IFormField is false.

  • Returned collection of ITableColumnFilterManager.getFilters() is now unmodifiable.

  • New method ITableColumnFilterManager.removeFilter(IColumn col).


  • ITree.getConfiguredDefaultIconId() in addition to ITree.getConfiguredIconId. The difference is as follows: DefaultIconId is used as default for all tree nodes that don’t have an icon on their own. IconId may be used in the same way as the title, e.g as outline icon.

  • Nodes may now be expanded in a lazy way. This means only those child nodes are visible which are expanded as well and the parent gets a '+' symbol. If the user clicks on this symbol all child nodes gets visible. The model can define whether child pages of a page should be added immediately to the outline tree or lazily. If nodes are added lazily, a dummy "show all" node is shown instead.

    Node pages never add child pages lazily. Table pages add child nodes lazily when they have more than a specific number of child pages (default 1).

    The behavior may be controlled using:

    • boolean getConfiguredLazyAddChildPagesToOutline() -→ default false, for AbstractPageWithTable the default is true.

    • int getConfiguredLazyAddChildPagesToOutlineThreshold() -→ setting for AbstractPageWithTable, after how many child pages the lazy setting should be active (default 1)

Chart Box

Removed chart box because it has not been used and there is no UI implementation.

File Chooser (File Upload)

File upload size is always limited now (otherwise server might run out of memory if too large files are sent). Default size is 50 MB, but every field might specify lower/higher sizes:

  • org.eclipse.scout.rt.client.ui.IDNDSupport.setDropMaximumSize(long)

  • org.eclipse.scout.rt.client.ui.IDNDSupport.getDropMaximumSize()

  • org.eclipse.scout.rt.client.ui.basic.filechooser.IFileChooser.setMaximumUploadSize(long)

  • org.eclipse.scout.rt.client.ui.basic.filechooser.IFileChooser.getMaximumUploadSize()

  • org.eclipse.scout.rt.client.ui.form.fields.filechooserfield.IFileChooserField.setMaximumUploadSize(long)

  • org.eclipse.scout.rt.client.ui.form.fields.filechooserfield.IFileChooserField.getMaximumUploadSize()

  • Also added getConfigured…​() methods were applicable for properties above.

Group Box

AbstractGroupBox.setBorderVisible(false) does not change visibility of label anymore. Label of group-box must be made invisible by calling setLabelVisible(false).

Smart Field

  • AbstractContentAssistField and IProposalChooser implementations now have the ability to provide an inner class which extend AbstractTree or AbstractTable to provide a custom implementation used in the proposal chooser.

  • Added cssClass property to formField, column and cell for custom css styling. See also interface IStyleable and class CssClasses.

Date Field

The date field no longer inherits from BasicField. Instead it inherits directly from ValueField. This means that the PROP_UPDATE_DISPLAY_TEXT_ON_MODIFY is no longer supported on date fields. The reason for this change was the separation of UI (Browser) and UI-Server (Java). To get a good performance, fast date predictions and offline capability, the parsing must be done in the UI and not on the server. Because the "update on modify" flag had no effect anyway, it was completely removed from the UI. (More details in the Migration Guide).

Split Box

  • AbstractSplitBox now returns IFormField.FULL_SIZE in getConfiguredGridW() by default. Reason: The split box widget does not really have a representation of its own, but is more like a container for other fields. It can never have label, mandatory indicator etc. Its layout should behave like a group box or a tab box, therefore the default gridW value was adjusted accordingly.

  • Split boxes now support absolute splitter positions. The old relative position is the default, which uses a value between 0 and 1 for the splitterPosition. By changing the property splitterPositionType, the interpretation of the splitterPosition value can be changed to pixels (either fixed for the first or the second inner box).

Desktop / Outline

  • Menus of a page are now added to the detail form. This was necessary because the outline tree does not show any menus anymore. See also method AbstractPageWithNodes.enhanceDetailFormWithPageMenus.

  • Added AbstractDesktop.getConfiguredAutoTabKeyStrokesEnabled: It should be possible to change view Tabs with modifier+number. The number should be generated by the ui. 9 is reserved to jump to the last tab, 0 to jump to the first tab. If this property is set to false there is no Keystroke for tab change on the ui.

    • getConfiguredAutoTabKeyStrokeModifier: if the property is set to true the modifier specified by this property is used in combination with a number to change to the specific tab.

  • Added ISearchOutline: The intention of the search outline is to provide a search over several table pages. The AbstractSearchOutline provides a frame, the search itself has to be implemented by the project. In order to use it add the SearchOutline to the desktop using getConfiguredOutlines (don’t create an outlineViewButton).

  • Added default detail form on outline: It is now possible to configure a default detail form for outlines. The default detail form gets shown when no page is selected. API added getConfiguredDefaultDetailForm, execInitDefaultDetailForm, createDefaultDetailForm, startDefaultDetailForm.

  • Added getConfiguredTableStatusVisible on IPageWithTable: It is now possible to configure whether the table status should be visible for a table page. Until now table status was set visible by the OutlineTableForm.

  • API added to AbstractTable and ITable:

    • List<ITableControl> getTableControls()

    • <T extends ITableControl> T getTableControl(Class<T> controlClass)

    • boolean isTableStatusVisible()

    • void setTableStatusVisible(boolean visible)

    • String getMenuBarPosition()

    • void setMenuBarPosition(String position)

  • API added to ITableUIFacade

    • void fireTableReloadFromUI()

    • `void fireSortColumnRemovedFromUI(IColumn<?> column)

  • Improved page search form disposal: Search form is now closed when the page gets disposed.

  • AbstractDesktop.isOutlineChanging added.

  • The methods traverseFocusNext() and traverseFocusPrevious were removed from IDesktop because traversing is not supported by the HTML UI. (Neither was it supported by the former RAP UI). The corresponding DesktopEvent types (TYPE_TRAVERSE_FOCUS_NEXT, TYPE_TRAVERSE_FOCUS_PREVIOUS) were removed as well.


Added IForm.start(): Mainly useful for forms with just one handler. (detail forms, tool forms etc.). May be implemented by the concrete form. The default implementation at AbstractForm uses getHandler() to start the form.

Bean Field / Bean Column [New]

Added bean field and bean column. See AbstractBeanField, AbstractBeanColumn for details.

Wizard Progress Field [New]

A new widget has been added: WizardProgressField. It is normally visualized as a list of steps with some indication which step is the current step etc. It replaces the old "HTML status" field on the default wizard container form.


org.eclipse.scout.rt.platform.html.HTMLUtility and org.eclipse.scout.rt.platform.html.CSSPatch were deprecated because they contained only legacy code of doubtful quality. Do not use them anymore — they will be removed in the next Scout release. The support for most of the contained methods was dropped, because they are not required anymore with the new UI. A slightly improved version of the getPlainText() method is available on the new bean org.eclipse.scout.rt.platform.html.HtmlHelper.

Various Changes

  • ILabelField, IHtmlField and IStringField are now IHtmlCapable.

  • UiLayer: Removed values JSP, JSF, RAP, SWING and added value HTML.

  • UserAgentUtility: API removed isRapUi(), isSwingUi()

  • AbstractFormField.set/isStatusVisible added.

  • org.eclipse.scout.commons reorganized, classes moved to org.eclipse.scout.rt.platform and other projects

  • The unused, obsolete classes org.eclipse.scout.rt.client.ui.form.fields.ValueFieldEvent and org.eclipse.scout.rt.client.ui.form.fields.ValueFieldListener were removed.

Known Bugs and Limitations

Selection in disabled text fields

Firefox (tested with v 35.0.1): it’s not possible to select text in a disabled text field. There is no workaround. An often suggested workaround is to use the readonly attribute instead of disabled, but this leads to a completely different behavior when it comes to event handling. When a field is disabled it doesn’t fire any events (for instance: click), but when it’s set to readonly event handling is still enabled. In other words: we’d have to implement browser/widget default behavior to work around this problem — additionally the workaround should only affect Firefox but none of the other browsers (where this is not an issue at all).

Drag and drop support

IE9 does not support dropping files. Therefore, drag and drop in file chooser is not supported for that browser.

Input placeholders

On-field labels are not visible in IE9 because it lacks support for the "placeholder" attribute.

Security: MalwareScanner [New]

Facility used to scan files and resources for malware. The new @Bean MalwareScanner assumes that an appropriate malware scanner is in place on the webapp deployment machine and is configured to scan the TEMP folder (as used by File#createTempFile) using a realtime filesystem scan strategy. Malware should therefore immediately be removed or blocked by the malware implementation when placed in that folder. The new MalwareScanner is used in the ui.html file upload handler and thus checks every uploaded file.

IMimeTypeDetector [New]

The new interface IMimeTypeDetector provides multiple ordered implementations that can detect mime types PrimaryMimeTypeDetector with order 0 defines important webapp mime types ServletContextMimeTypeDetector with order 10 uses ServletContext.getMimeType JavaNioMimeTypeDetector uses java.nio Files.probeContentType

UploadRequestHandler [Added features]

The UploadRequestHandler checks for malware and limits the file types that can be uploaded.

The HTML UI checks if the application is configured safe by validating some flags set on the session cookie. For more details on how to configure your session cookie please refer to the Scout Documentation chapter "Session Cookie (JSESSIONID Cookie) Configuration".

UserIdAccessControlService [Removed]

org.eclipse.scout.rt.shared.services.common.security.UserIdAccessControlService was removed in M7. When creating a new Scout project via SDK, an own implementation of AbstractAccessControlService is now explicitly created in shared, named AccessControlService (as replacement for the removed UserIdAccessControlService). The class generated at the server side now replaces (@Replace) the new one generated in shared (class name of server side changed from AccessControlService to ServerAccessControlService).

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