Eclipse Scout 7.0 will be the Eclipse Oxygen release. There is no public stable build on this branch at the moment. The official release for Eclipse Oxygen will be released in June 2017.

What’s New

This document shows some of the new features delivered with the release 7.0. The release contains a lot of bugfixes and even some features not mentioned here. If you are interested in the detailed change log see https://github.com/eclipse/scout.rt/compare/releases/6.1.x…​releases/7.0.x.

If you upgrade from version 6.0, also see the release notes for the 6.1 release.

Upgrade to jQuery 3

We upgraded from jQuery 2.1.4 to jQuery 3.2.1. The new version contains a lot of improvements, including performance optimizations for animations and event handling. It also allowed us to remove some code which is now included in jQuery directly (e.g. addClassSVG, removeClassSVG, hasClassSVG).

Beside upgrading jQuery, we upgraded the Jasmine Maven Plugin to version 2.2 and the PhantomJS Maven Plugin to version 2.1.1, too. The YUI compressor has also been upgraded from 2.4.8 to version 2.4.9, but unfortunately it is not compatible with jQuery 3. To make it work again we had to fork it and now use the version 2.4.9-BSI-1.

Along with the jQuery upgrade we decided to remove jQuery UI and jQuery Mobile completely. Scout only included parts of these libraries and the usage was limited to 2 or 3 functions. Without these dependencies it will be easier in the future to upgrade jQuery itself.

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