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This document describes all relevant changes from Eclipse Scout 7.0 to Eclipse Scout 7.1. If existing code has to be migrated, instructions are provided here.

If you are upgrading from version 6.1, please also read the migration guide for the 7.0 (Oxygen preview) release:

Service Release Migration

The following changes were made after the initial 7.1 release (Eclipse Photon release). Additionally follow these instructions when updating to a service release.

Photon.1 (7.1.100) Release expected on September, 2018

Attention: The here described functionality has not yet been released and is part of an upcoming release.

API Changes (Java)

Removed property focusable from IFormField, AbstractFormField

Since the new Html UI was introduced with Scout 5.2 this property had no effect on the UI anymore. Instead the UI uses sensible defaults for each field type. For instance: a LabelField is never focusable, a normal StringField is always focusable, as long as it is enabled. Since the property was rarely used, we removed all methods from the interface/class FormField. Removed methods/properties:

  • boolean IFormField#isFocusable()

  • void IFormField#setFocusable(boolean f)

  • boolean IFormField#PROP_FOCUSABLE

  • boolean AbstractFormField#getConfiguredFocusable()

  • class AbstractNonFocusableButton

  • class AbstractNonFocusableRadioButton

Since there is no replacement for the focusable property, remove all code that uses one of the methods/properties listed above.

ISmartField2 replaced old ISmartField

In Scout 7.0 the new SmartField implementation used the package and name smartfield2.SmartField2. With Scout 7.1 the new SmartField replaced the old SmartField completely, and thus was moved to and renamed to smartfield.SmartField. If you have already used the new SmartField in Scout 7.0 you must move / rename all references to these classes.

IContentAssistField classes and interfaces removed

The base class and interfaces of the old SmartField implementation was IContentAssistField. With the new SmartField implementation this interfaces and all classes containing the word "ContentAssist" in their name, have been either removed or renamed to "SmartField". If your code references one of these classes you should simply try to rename all references. Since the API of the new SmartField is almost the same as the old, this should work and should cause no or few changes in your code. The following classes have been removed without replacement:

  • org.eclipse.scout.rt.client.ui.form.fields.smartfield.AbstractMixedSmartField

  • org.eclipse.scout.rt.client.ui.form.fields.smartfield.ContentAssistFieldEvent

  • org.eclipse.scout.rt.client.ui.form.fields.smartfield.ContentAssistFieldListener

  • org.eclipse.scout.rt.client.ui.form.fields.smartfield.ContentAssistFieldTable

  • org.eclipse.scout.rt.client.ui.form.fields.smartfield.IMixedSmartField

Since the new SmartImplementation does not have a proposal chooser model anymore these classes have also been removed. If you must have a special implementation of a proposal chooser, you must implement a proposal chooser in JavaScript (see: ProposalChooser.js), which renders the data / lookup-rows it receives from the server-side SmartField:

  • org.eclipse.scout.rt.client.ui.form.fields.smartfield.AbstractProposalChooser

  • org.eclipse.scout.rt.client.ui.form.fields.smartfield.IProposalChooser

  • org.eclipse.scout.rt.client.ui.form.fields.smartfield.IProposalChooserProvider

  • org.eclipse.scout.rt.client.ui.form.fields.smartfield.TableProposalChooser

  • org.eclipse.scout.rt.client.ui.form.fields.smartfield.TreeProposalChooser

API Changes (JavaScript)


Other Changes


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