About This Release

Eclipse Scout 7.1 is a preview version of the Eclipse Photon release. It will be released in June 2018 (release schedule). The latest version of this release is: None released yet.

If you are upgrading from version 6.1, please also read the migration guide for the 7.0 (Oxygen) release:

You can see the detailed change log on GitHub.

Service Releases

The following changes were made after the initial 7.1 release (Eclipse Photon release). The following notes relate to a service release.

Photon.1 (7.1.100) Release expected on September, 2018

Attention: The here described functionality has not yet been released and is part of an upcoming release.

Obtaining the Latest Version

Runtime (Scout RT)

Scout RT artifacts are distributed via Maven:

Usage example in the parent POM of your Scout application:


Eclipse IDE Tooling (Scout SDK)

You can download the complete Eclipse IDE with Scout SDK included (EPP) here:
Eclipse for Scout Developers

To install the Scout SDK into your existing Eclipse IDE, use this update site:

Demo Applications

The demo applications for this version can be found on the features/version/ branch of our docs repository on GitHub.

If you just want to play around with them without looking at the source code, you can always use the deployed versions:

Java 8 required

The required Java Runtime Environment (JRE) to run an Eclipse Scout application has changed: Starting with Eclipse Scout Photon, a Java 8 (or newer) runtime is required.

New SDK Feature in Eclipse: Search for missing NLS keys

If NLS keys are used in the code that do not exist in a properties file, an ugly placeholder is displayed to the user. To find such missing translations the new Menu Scout → Search missing text keys…​ may be handy. The result is listed in the Eclipse Search view.

The search also takes the scope of each NLS key into account. So that the key is considered to be available there must be a TextProviderService with that key on the classpath of that module.

Reported false positives can be suppressed using the following comment at the end of the corresponding line: NO-NLS-CHECK. Matches on that line are then not reported in future searches anymore.

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