Version 11

Here you will find all Scout 11 related documentation, from getting started to architecture details to release upgrades.

Get Started

Read the Get Started Guide first to learn the difference between Scout Classic and Scout JS. This will help you to decide which tutorial is the right one to start with.

Once you have completed the Hello Scout tutorial, you can continue with one of the following tutorials.

Deepen Your Knowledge

If you want to get serious about Scout, you should definitely have a look at the following documents.

You will learn about best practices and architecture details and even find How Tos for some specific topics. To learn more about the functionality of the Scout plugins for various IDEs, have a look at the Scout SDK documents.

Scout Classic
Technical Guide pdf
Scout JS
Technical Guide pdf
Scout SDK
Eclipse pdf

Upgrade Your Version

Please read the following documents when doing a Scout release upgrade.

The Release Notes describe the new features of the release. The Migration Guide explains how to migrate your code for a proper upgrade.

Release Notes pdf
Migration Guide pdf